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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm a Cheap Date, You can be too!

So everyone these days is feeling the strain of the economic dip, and in dealing with budgeting and saving money it can be very hard to find time and resources to spend with someone special in your life. Here are some creative fun ideas, that cost you nothing more than a break from your chaotic life!

Idea 1: Picnics! Sure it's the tradition that seems older than time, boy meets girl, boy takes girl on picnic, girl and boy fall madly in love. But how often do we actually take the time to go on an old fashioned picnic? Everyone these days wants to get fancied up and go out to a nice dinner. But what exactly is so romantic about sitting eating food in a big room with tons of other people...sitting and eating food? Slip on a cotton sundress or some shorts and vans and walk around the park for a while. Bring a basket, but if you don't have one a backpack works well too, pack it with some homemade sandwhiches, a fruit salad, and something easy for desert. Throw in some sparkling cider and a couple cups and a blanket, and you've got a romantic evening under the stars just the two of you. And with technology now you can even bring your own music and playlist as you enjoy the purity of just eachothers company.

Idea 2: This idea I'm sure very few if any of you have thought of...visit your local recreation center! I'm in Tempe, a total college town, there are so many things to do, but so few of them fit in my budget. Just the other day my loving, handsome, wonderful, architect in training boyfriend and I were craving a billiards date night. So we went online to find exactly where we could play pool. ASU has a pool room but charges 3 dollars an hour to use the tables which have been torn up by thousands of students before us. We stumbled upon the website for the Tempe recreation center, literally a block away from us, and found that there was a billiards room, completely free, well maintained and calling our name! We've already made it a plan to have a pool date at least once a week this year. Pool isn't the only thing your recreation has, often times there are free movie nights, couples classes, outdoor sports, and more! Check it out, I'm sure you''ll find something both of yall will enjoy doing.

Idea 3: Make a night of a high school play or choral concert! These are open to the publics and entrance is only a couple dollars if not completely free! The shows are often very entertaining and enjoyable. Dress up! Pretend you're going to a show on Broadway. The students will love seeing you take their performance to such high regards...trust me, I know from my years of theatre and choir! Not only will you be creating a great evening for yourself, but if there is a couple dollar entrance fee you can feel good knowing that it's going directly to the school itself, a foundation in any community. So you can be helping both yourselves and the school during this economic hardtime!

Try them! I promise you can make any one of these just as enjoyable as going out anywhere and spending any amound of money. Only differences: no waiting, no expensive bills, no messed up orders, no sold out movies....just genuine quality time!


AZ Mom of Many Hats said...

Excellent ideas! I am proud of you!