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Saturday, June 13, 2009

On a similar note!

So as yall know so far, I am a huge fan of thrift store shopping. And today is a perfect example of why!

I am in California for most of the summer, it's June Gloom right now, cloudy, misty, and cold, not much to do! So what did I do? I took a trip to the Goodwill just down the street. This isn't usually my favorite of the Goodwills, there's a lot of older women's clothes from the early 90's. But I thought I'd try my luck this morning. Thumbing through the racks and what do I find? An American Eagle skirt and a Hollister skirt, both my size, both $4.99, and both look like they've never been worn. Of course a girl needs shoes to match her outfits so I strolled on over to the shoe rack where I found, to my surprise, a brand new/never been worn pair of Colin Stuart brown suede knee-high boots, perfect match to the AE skirt I'd also found. But it doesn't end there! I stepped on over to the purse section, conveniently located next to the shoes, just to take a look, I had no intention of getting a purse until I spotted a beautiful, spotless, white GUESS purse, yes, a legitimate GUESS purse for only $8.00 might as well be considered mint condition.

You see, Goodwill is just filled with treasures at fantastic prices waiting to be found!

AE Skirt: $5.00
Matching Boots: $13.00
GUESS Purse: $8.00
Saving a pretty penny in this economy: PRICELESS


BetsyR said...

You always look so darn cute! Never would guess where and how you put your outfits together by looking at you!